En gåde

På Polsk hed han Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin. På Fransk Frédéric François Chopin.

Frits er en typisk kælenavns-udgave af Frederic.

Y hedder i-Grec på fransk og andre romanske sprog og udtales som dansk “i” i ordes “is”.

Fryc er et polsk kælenavn for Fryderyk.

Hvordan udtales Caroline Wozniacki i det land, hendes forældre stammer fra?



  1. Well, Caroline Wozniacki would be Karolina Woźniacka in Polish and would be pronounced /karɔˈlina vɔʑˈɲatska/ if I follow Wikipedia’s convention for Polish transcription.

    I even recall an early recommendation to pronounce Wozniacki as ‘Vosniaski’ in Danish, but my impression is that everyone seems to say ‘Vosniaki’, even Caroline herself.

  2. Very well indeed! Thank you very much for your effort. It is true that even Caroline herself pronounces it as if it was an English name – and that is a good choice for an international tennis player, I think. 🙂

    I wish that Danish and Polish orthography would try to approach English rules so that it would be easier to learn words from those languages. This could develop into an interesting international discussion of how to get more understanding between countries.

    How did you get to this weblog? I created it mostly in order to keep bitter viewpoints away from my Danish cosy-social weblog 😀

  3. Thanks for your reply! I stumbled upon this weblog while looking for some information on transcribing the pronunciation of Danish names and saw the question asked about the pronunciation of Caroline’s name in Polish. I don’t speak Danish but I speak some Swedish so I understand a fair bit of written Danish.

  4. OK! That explains your interest. I wish this was a more interesting website for language discussions, I really miss a place to discuss how to improve languages and how to improve international understanding 🙂

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